For legal-for-trade batch weighing of grain and finished products

The automatic hopper scale CERVO is a high-precision measuring instrument for the gravimetric weighing of powdery and granular products. This calibratable automatic hopper scale demonstrates impressive results with the highest level of accuracy and unique ­reliability thanks to its innovative drive and control technology.


The automatic scale CERVO is a discontinuous hopper scale for in-house process control with a capacity up to 320 m³ per hour. Energy efficient, electromechanical drive systems minimize wear and tear, decreasing the need for maintenance. SWISCA’s unique measuring cells guarantee an exceptional measurement accuracy. For granular products, e.g. wheat, a hopper with overflow is used. For powdery products, e.g. flour, a tubular screw or a dosing wheel is implemented. The touch-screen control is easy to use yet advanced and robust.

Technical Specifications