For continuous metering of small components and additives

The micro-differential dosing scale MICRO is a highly accurate measuring instrument for gravimetric weighing of free-flowing to difficult powders. With its precise dosage, excellent sanitation, high flexibility and the large range of services MICRO truly stands alone in the industry.


This micro differential dosing scale MICRO is used for the accurate gravimetric dosage of micro components into a continuous product stream. Thanks to innovative servo technology, ascorbic acid, vitamins, starch, dry glue, egg powder, aroma and colorants can be reliably added in a very large capacity range. The throughput capacity is 0.5 l/h to 9000 l/h. In the batch process, the micro-differential dosing scale weighs a small batch set by the recipe. SWISCA’s micro-differential dosing scales are well accessible and easy to clean. The control unit, with a touch-screen, is extremely reliable and very robust.

Technical Specifications