Distributes and controls uniform grain surface dampening process. Energy saving and highly accurate

The innovative dampener DAMPE is used for uniform moistening of grain. This energy-saving water distribution across the whole grain with cleaning-in-place (CIP) technology minimizes the level of potential contamination and promotes high food safety standards, sustainably.


As a mass flow controller, the GRANO differential dosing scale precisely doses a pre-selected quantity of product. The differential dosing scale serves as a mass flow meter for accurate measuring of a given product flow. The GRANO differential dosing scale is controlling the desired hourly throughput capacity. The option DENSI allows to accurately determine the product density and temperature. An additional option MOIST measures the moisture of the product. The data collected, in relation to the massflow constantly measured by the scale, is used to accurately report the required water quantity to be added to the process to reach the most uniform moisture content in your grain. The measurements of mass flow, temperature, density and moisture are also necessary to determine an exact addition of the wetting water quantity. The DOSWA automatic liquid flow controller is suitable for dosing the required net water or chlorinated water (55°C, 600 ppm) and controls the liquid flow meter and the electromotive positioner very precisely. Water addition rates as high as 7% are possible with minimum abrasion and breakage of the product. This energy saving solution accurately measures and controls mass flow, density, and moisture content with sigificantly less equipement and therefore uses less space. This compact and sanitary design allows this energy saving new concept to bring food safety to a new level, while significant operational cost savings can be achieved.

Technical Specifications