For precise dosing of dampening- or chlorinated water

The automatic liquid quantity controller DOSWA is used for exact addition of the wetting water quantity. Innovative control technology and reliable components guarantee high precision and constant product moisture.


The DOSWA automatic liquid flow controller and the GRANO differential weigh feeder with moisture measurement are optimally matched to each other. The precise GRANO differential weigh feeder precisely regulates the flow rate of a product stream and simultaneously measures the incoming moisture of the grain. An extraordinarily robust control system with touch screen calculates the required net water quantity and controls the liquid flow meter and the electromotive positioner very precisely. The continuous measurement and control of mass flow, moisture, temperature and wetting water addition with a multifunctional weighing system enables efficient process control. The DOSWA automatic liquid flow controller is also suitable for chlorinated water (55°C, 600 ppm) and is manufactured in Hygienic Design with stainless material. There is no need for a moisture meter or an additional machine control for the liquid volume controller.

Technical Specifications