For continuous dosing of grain

As a mass flow controller, the GRANO differential dosing scale precisely doses a pre-selected quantity of product and registers the total weight in grams. The differential dosing scale serves as a mass flow meter for the accurate measuring of a given product flow. For an absolutely constant and exact measure of grain mixtures, the differential dosing scale is used below silos, raw product bins and tempering bins.


Grain processing in continuously operating processes, accurate measurement and precise control are made possible by innovative drive and measurement technology. The GRANO differential proportioning scale is suitable for weight-oriented measurement of quantity, output-oriented process control and recipe-oriented blending. The flow rate of a free-flowing product stream is accurately determined, the output precisely regulated, and the total weight accurately recorded. An exceptionally robust control system with touch screen and the precise swisca measuring cells of the differential weigh feeder guarantee reliable quality assurance.

Technical Specifications