For optimal Grist blending

SWISCA’s automatic quantity controller FLOBA is used for an optimal composition of grain mixtures and for the regulation of a predetermined capacity. FLOBA’s innovative drive and control technology guarantees a high precision and extraordinary reliability of the dosing.


FLOBA incorporates a dosing slide with precise servo technology which allows for an exact control of the positioning area. Unique multi-axis measurement cells and vibration sensors, as well as exceptionally robust control unit with intelligent control algorithms, guarantee the highest precision of product measurement. Up to three FLOBA automatic quantity controllers can be controlled with a single touch screen unit called VISCA. An external energy supply monitors the closure of the dosing slide with a servo drive in the event of an interruption of electricity. Thanks to our enhanced protection equipment for abrasive products and high-quality system components, wear and tear is reduced, allowing the machine to achieve maximum operational reliability. The low construction height of this innovative dosing system is also advantageous for customized retrofits.

Technical Specifications